They are very very low pheromone concentrations

And I found out very quickly that, this became an interplay so that I notice them, or I would notice them noticing me, and then I would shift my body and they will shift theirs and I found this completely fascinating pheromones. So, I began to play with it more and more and it got to the point where I could walk in, notice you noticed me, do some shifts and we will have awareness of each other. And whenever we do talk, it was like, starting on a whole different level. Because, where are most other people on the pheromone awareness scale? Learn more at and

They are very very low pheromone concentrations. The guys are barely aware of anything, other than what’s right in front of them. And they have almost no awareness that they have people noticing them, unless its in a ver y fearful way. So, when you do this, you are already starting on another level. They know that you are something, above average pheromones. So, that yields an exercise. When you go into an area, notice how many people notice you. If you walk inside, say, Starbucks, how many people shift when you come in? How many people look over? How many people slightly adjust when you walk by? You know, these are the things you can notice can become aware of, because if you were to make a shift when they did or acknowledge that awareness then you guys would already have a connection, and opening will be easier with real pheromones. They will feels like they actually knew you because you acknowledged their attention. They gave attention to your entrance or your presence and you acknowledge that you noticed it. So, now you guys are already on a different pheromone concentration level. So, undoubtly, to help you understand still a little better, have you ever been somewhere and you kindda felt somebody looking at you. You look up and someone standing right at you. I can’t explain really without getting meta – physical, but am sure that you have noticed this before. Or, have you been looking at somebody, and all of the sudden they stopped and turned around and looked right at you. So, what we are dealing with is, there is something here. And if you can practice this, which is to go out, become aware of someone becoming aware of you, acknowledge in some way , with a nod or even just looking at them, acknowledge that you know that they have noticed you and then if they shift their bodies, you shift yours as well. If you do this and you are good at it, it will start to happen very rapidly, and you will be already in pheromone communication with lot of the people in the room. That will also make you more comfortable. Because people seems to walk around with this bubble of protection around them for some reason and it keeps their awareness away from others, almost like, I don’ t wanna get noticed, cause I don’t want anybody to do anything crazy to me. So, you wanna break that little barrier down. So, t hat’s an exercise that you can go out and do in grocery stores, go out in clubs and do that, restaurants you go into Starbucks like I mentioned earlier. Just notice this and play with it. (26:43) . Learn more at

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