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I think he is a bit too harsh with his words / can’t really relate to the harsh picture he is painting in his article on how pheromones really work. Through my personal experience I can relate to the fact you can feel more “manly” when dealing with an insecure woman. Out of fear/ insecurity she will be much more inclined to make compliments etc. essentially comforting your own self-esteem or lack thereof of human sex pheromones. I myself am in a relationship with what I would call a high self-esteem woman. Because my confidence wasn’t really developed when we got together I had my fair share of problems in the year we dated with pheromones for years. There have been some improvements but I’m not really satisfied with myself. So thats something I’m working on. Learn more at question: What is your experience with high self-esteem women who adores human pheromones? Is it just a question of your own confidence (eg. she surrenders/becomes submissive if she perceives you as more confident and secure than her)? I’m asking because especially in sexual context I recognize my desire to be more dominating but she often is resistant to follow. In my opinion it could be either my lacking confidence inhibiting her ability to follow or just a matter of sexual taste (i.e. she really doesn’t like to be submissive). So I’m really interested in your experiences in the matter. Great! However, there aren’t many. I believe society keeps women always looking over their shoulder such as for beauty and image and behavioral conduct. I didn’t have very good self esteem myself in my early days. I was terrible with women and my choices in girlfriends were awful. However, once i gained self confidence, using a lot of the tools here, I started to get annoyed at any LSE girl. In fact, I then only sought out high self esteem women. The way i see it is this: if the only reason she is with you is LSE , then you have a dysfunctional relationshipo. If she one day discovers her self confidence (most women go on an existential journey at some point in their life and it’s only a matter of time), then she could leave. This is not good if you wish to get married However, if you are just looking to bang/quick fling, it might be easier to pick the LSE girl unless you have tons of confidence in which case the HSE girl will be attracted to you like glue. You have to be congruent though…any projection of outward confidence must be mimicked internally. Figure yourself out first kind of thing. I think the article confuses women who have adopted “masculine” confidence with self-confidence. Many women have become jaded and/or there’s some sort of anger and thus “appear to act” confident because they can get away with it. A high self-esteem smart feminine woman is the most attractive thing I know, but it is often very intimidating for most men. Learn more at

Pheromone For PUA

Many women have been lost in that rabbit hole, only to resurface with nothing to show for it but wasted time. Time they could’ve spent with the right guy. And if you’ve decided that you’ve actually found the right guy this time, you should only sleep with him once you know he’s in love with you, because then you have true power. I’m not talking about waiting for months to hear those three little words. I’m saying that if you use the techniques I’ve taught you in this book, this guy will be so smitten by your charming, spontaneous personality that it will take mere hours for him to be head over heels in love with you with real pheromones. Learn more at and even have a monster weakness for fun, awesome women who make them feel like pickup rock stars. Remember, you’re likely the first woman he’s ever met who has used Ghost-Leading skills on him, and it will leave him with a hit of confidence and attraction so potent he will want to spend more and more time with you. He will want to please you . . . wildly. He will replay the amazing time the two of you had over and over in his head, and he will be convinced that you have unique and special chemistry. He has no idea that you can create this kind of experience for every man you meet. If you hold off on the sex pheromones until he’s had at least a few days of exposure to the wildly awesome woman you are, then he can’t help falling in love . I know men think they are players and won’t easily fall for women, but it’s a lie. We do. I know this because I’ve coached thousands of guys. We have one weakness, and that’s a girl with personality. We will make all sorts of compromises for her. Every woman with amazing Game that I’ve known who simply exposes a guy to it for at least a few dates prior to intimacy makes the guy love her. If you’re dating a guy who’s a true-blue player, then making him wait to have you will knock the player right out of him. WARNING! This system is extremely powerful. As one of my early students testified, “This is like fishing with dynamite or clubbing baby seals. It’s not fair.” I agree, so that’s why I encourage you to make sure you use this system to bring loads of honesty and positivity to every guy you encounter. The whole point of seduction is for him to decide to want to be with you because you’re such an amazingly fun and sexy person. Not because you’re an excellent manipulator. So, how can you tell when a guy is totally smitten and most likely falling in love with you, even if it seems way too soon and he hasn’t yet said the words? 1. He talks about your life, your career, and your personality more than he talks about how hot you are with natural pheromones. Learn more at

maternal pheromone

Cowley and Wise (1970) showed that the activity of 6-day old baby mice is reduced if they are kept in the presence of soiled sawdust or pheromones from a lactating female, whereas activity increases if they are kept in the presence of stock sawdust. The adaptive significance of this phenomenon is clearly to maintain cohesion in the nest during the preweaning period. Non-estrous females do not show a preference (Doty 1972) to the strongest pheromones. House mice Mus musculus of the strain C57Bl distinguished the odor of their own species from that of Peromyscus maniculatus (Bowers and Alexander 1967). Gerbils (Meriones un- guiculatus) discriminated between the odor of their own species and that of Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Mesocricetus auratus, or Dicrostonyx groenlandicus (Dag and Windsor 1971). Pheromones in Subspecies Among ungulates, two subspecies of Odocoileus hemionus, the Rocky Mountain mule deer (0. h. hemionus) and the black-tailed deer (0. h. columbianus), respond more to tarsal scent of their own subspecies than to that of the other (Muller- Schwarze unpublished). In these, as in previous experiments, the mule deer were less mobile and active than the black-tailed deer. Thus, in response to the preferred tarsal scent of its own subspecies, the mule deer were less active than the black-tail- ed in response to their own tarsal scent. Learn more at and

This is a point which has not been taken into account in other odor discrimination studies, where equal manifestations of responsiveness have been assumed in the various species or subspecies used. Olfactory recognition of sex pheromones There are numerous examples of recognition of sex odors among mammals. Often only the males possess specialized skin glands and consequently a peculiar odor (as, for instance, the subauricular and dorsal glands in the male pronghorn), while the odor indicating estrus is confined to the females. In the golden hamster, experi- mental transfer of vaginal secretions of intact females onto castrated males or ovariectomized females causes males to treat the experimental animals like intact females, with intensified mounting attempts (Johnston 1972). Wild house mice (Mus musculus) can be readily captured in traps containing the odor of the opposite sex (Rowe 1970). In encounters between two laboratory mice, a maximum of urina- tion occurs if the two individuals are of opposite sex. The male will then contribute most of the urine discharged by the pair. It is assumed that this behavior serves in attraction and recognition of the sexes (Reynolds 1971). Olfactory recognition of physiological stages I.eMagnen (1952) showed that male white laboratory rats prefer the odor of recep- tive females over that of non—receptive females. The olfactory discrimination of estrous from non-estrous females has been known for dogs for a long time and has also been demonstrated experimentally in sheep (Kelly 1937; Lindsey 1956; Banks et al. 1963) and cattle (Donovan 1967). In Long-Evans rats, sexually satiated polygamous males prefer the odor of a novel female over one with which t‘l1ey have copulated; monogamous males do not show that preference (Carr et al. 1970a). Learn more at

They are very very low pheromone concentrations

And I found out very quickly that, this became an interplay so that I notice them, or I would notice them noticing me, and then I would shift my body and they will shift theirs and I found this completely fascinating pheromones. So, I began to play with it more and more and it got to the point where I could walk in, notice you noticed me, do some shifts and we will have awareness of each other. And whenever we do talk, it was like, starting on a whole different level. Because, where are most other people on the pheromone awareness scale? Learn more at and

They are very very low pheromone concentrations. The guys are barely aware of anything, other than what’s right in front of them. And they have almost no awareness that they have people noticing them, unless its in a ver y fearful way. So, when you do this, you are already starting on another level. They know that you are something, above average pheromones. So, that yields an exercise. When you go into an area, notice how many people notice you. If you walk inside, say, Starbucks, how many people shift when you come in? How many people look over? How many people slightly adjust when you walk by? You know, these are the things you can notice can become aware of, because if you were to make a shift when they did or acknowledge that awareness then you guys would already have a connection, and opening will be easier with real pheromones. They will feels like they actually knew you because you acknowledged their attention. They gave attention to your entrance or your presence and you acknowledge that you noticed it. So, now you guys are already on a different pheromone concentration level. So, undoubtly, to help you understand still a little better, have you ever been somewhere and you kindda felt somebody looking at you. You look up and someone standing right at you. I can’t explain really without getting meta – physical, but am sure that you have noticed this before. Or, have you been looking at somebody, and all of the sudden they stopped and turned around and looked right at you. So, what we are dealing with is, there is something here. And if you can practice this, which is to go out, become aware of someone becoming aware of you, acknowledge in some way , with a nod or even just looking at them, acknowledge that you know that they have noticed you and then if they shift their bodies, you shift yours as well. If you do this and you are good at it, it will start to happen very rapidly, and you will be already in pheromone communication with lot of the people in the room. That will also make you more comfortable. Because people seems to walk around with this bubble of protection around them for some reason and it keeps their awareness away from others, almost like, I don’ t wanna get noticed, cause I don’t want anybody to do anything crazy to me. So, you wanna break that little barrier down. So, t hat’s an exercise that you can go out and do in grocery stores, go out in clubs and do that, restaurants you go into Starbucks like I mentioned earlier. Just notice this and play with it. (26:43) . Learn more at

Your human pheromones response rates

Your human pheromones response rates will go up at least 18% to 26% and your dates- scheduled-to-openers ratio will go up at least 12% if you send openers to women who are online when you send it. In terms of the large amount of openers you’ll be sending, that’s pretty significant. Learn about pheromones at and reasons for this are: 1 . Your opener instantly goes to the top of her inbox, which means she’s more likely to read it than if you’re message number 87 on the third page because you messaged her three days ago. 2 . It’s more exciting and interesting for women to get an incoming message from a guy while they’re online. Think about times where you received an incoming message from a girl while you were browsing around and not expecting it. Didn’t that feel good? If even if just for a few seconds? It works the same way with women. 3 . For some reason, it is psychologically safer for a woman to respond to you when she knows you’re online at that moment. Using pheromones will give your success with women. I’m not sure why this is (because you’d almost expect the opposite) but it’s true. There is a double-whammy benefit to this. If a woman is online while you’re messaging back and forth, you can nail down dates very quickly. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve often nailed down a date within ten minutes of sending an opener to a woman who was already online. You might be thinking, “But most of the hot ones I see aren’t online when I check out their profiles. I can’t control when they’re online!” That’s right, you can’t, but you can still use this to your advantage. If your schedule isn’t too heavy, instead of doing a huge blitz of messages once or twice a week, you could do this: once or twice a day (or more!), hop on to the dating sites and make a quick scan of the women who are online, and just message them. What if they’re not online? The pheromone statistical rule of thumb to follow is that your odds of getting a response from a woman go up in relation to how recently they were last online. So women who were online 24 hours ago are going to be much more statistically responsive than women who were online three days ago. When I do blitzes, I focus on women who are online. If there are less than 24 online (since I follow the 24/24 rule) then I will either stop and continue my blitz another day, or message few women who were online well within the last 24 hours, the more recent the better. I try to avoid opening women who were last online two days or more in the past, and only do that if I have no other choice. You’re going to fall somewhere in that number spectrum, and it’s up to you to get the numbers as high as you can within the areas you can control. For example, if you live in a small city, are really picky about the women you will date, and aren’t good with women, you’re going to have to give a little on how picky you are and/or really focus on improving your dating skills, and/or move to a larger city. As you see above, I’m quite picky and this damages my numbers, but I can afford to take this statistical hit because of all the other factors I have working in my favor. Before we get into the specific procedure for searching and selecting women to open, you’ll need to be aware of several critical techniques for pheromone users. Learn more at

You know we’re buying a pheromone cologne

But now she says, “ You know what we’re buying a pheromone cologne. I don’t talk to guys who buy curved chairs.” Then you could you could probably convince me a little bit more that there’s something there with human pheromones . At least right then and there. And at that point you can say, “It happened to be nice, talking to girls on the curved chair, and I happen to know that this is perfectly all right .”

Well if you’re not solid you can come up with all the stuff you can do on the fly. Ok so what am I hitting at? Almost all of your problems are actually related to you responding to obstacles that have no existence other than voice in your head or your idea of what is most likely going to happen. A question regarding pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at and

Where do you think the logistics, is obstacles part of pheromone production? What about logistics?

Well you know, depends on what you mean by logistics, that’s a big word. W hat you mean ? like you don’t have a place to take a girl ? No, I mean like, a girl is staying far away. Say one hour from the bar or two hour from the bar, and I run into that situation quite a lot and I the bar I am visiting is maybe fifteen minutes from my place . I t doesn’t take too much time to drive, but it ’s like far distance wise . For the girls it’s like far away places . That’s a kind of logistical problem Isn’t it?

Oh yeah . The thing is that…you probably … if she’s really she really wants to that’s not a big deal. She stays in other guys houses probably when she’s was like eighteen or twenty. Even then she probably has…but… she is going over to stay at other people’s houses and stay the night. I mean that right there is a matter of the level of agreement and a level of desire of pheromone attraction. You won’t really have that anymore. 45:00 Mins. CJ:… Where I used to do most of my gaming is actually right about 45 minutes away… that area …and you will have to get on one two three … three highways. Three different highways to get back to my place. Ah all right. So really the agreement isn’t there yet. She does not agreed you know what game is going on. What’s happening ? Right . It’s not there. So the logistical problem is not the actual objection of using pheromones.

The actual thing is there’s not a lot of agreement like, probably if you’re if you’re trying to do same night lay’s, you know , she’s not really so sexually framed. She doesn’t know what the deal is. She’s probably confused in terms of the game dynamics. She may not know what games being played. You know any of that stuff. So that’s where the confusion lies. You can say , “ hey we’re going to go to my place. ” She didn’t even have to say “ oh ! where is it?” She is just like “ok!” S1 : It doesn’t matter, if she is with her three friends or four friends and they drive together and she say,” No, we came together, we will leave together.” That’s another question. Yeah you know … those types of objections , you are still not getting it . You have to pull all back to your place. Girls, they will drive. You know , I get lay reports and I’ve seen and experienced myself a girl give her friend the keys and take her car and she’s going to figure out how to get home ….really…when you have the clarity. Because what we do, the kind of experience that we give women. That doesn’t happen a lot. Now you may think it of, the people may have the appearance of …. Learn more about pheromones at

Pheromones Make You Attracted

We’ll go into this in great detail later on, but this pheromone attraction and feeling of lack began a long time ago, when you were a child. All of us have experienced childhood trauma and abandonment which wounded our hearts, and which stays with us unless we begin a path towards healing. 
Pheromones are what make you attracted. Whatever the cause of your traumas of pain or sense of lack, it began a long time ago. The pain makes us begin feeling like we need to acquire something from outside of us to make the pain stop. So we start hunting and trying to acquire these things from an outside source. When in pain, most people think they have to change the human pheromone environment and the events around them to change that pain.  Learn more at and
They try to change things in the outside world, for instance—hunting women to get laid. They think pain is a result of the unfortunate circumstances in the outside world. In fact, the pain has always been there, and it was the pain that first started creating this story of lack. We take that story of lack—“I’m not good enough, I’m unworthy to be loved,” and this story is projected out into the world and then it is reflected back on pheromone concentration.  Learn more at 
More circumstances and events occur, reinforcing lack and unworthiness to be loved. Separation from women and what we desire begins as a knock-on effect, instead of enhancing the beautiful connection that is already inherent. Trying to change events to cure the pain is like trying to comb the mirror. Stop trying to change events in the outside world. Stop hunting. Start curing the pain directly within you. Heal your heart and the world changes correspondingly. You will become whole, fulfilled, full of love, and that is the new story you will project onto the world. And guess what… the world is going to reflect back some pretty amazing things. Using stronger pheromones will make women more sexy.
If I go swimming I expect to get wet. I accept this as part of the deal. If I go out with the sole intention to ‘pick-up’ in other words to TAKE, and I am unsuccessful in taking, I must accept all the pick-up symptoms of failing to take. These are rejection, blowouts, and of course a further subset, manufactured by the PUA pheromone user industry known as approach anxiety (because I’m worried about whether I’ll be successful in taking or not the next time). If I accept and operate from the cause, then it follows that I must also accept the symptoms. There are two ways to solve a problem, you can either try to find a cure or you can remove the cause. The pick-up community is doing its best to find solutions, but the same problems always remain. And that is because the cause is still there. But in pick-up, instead of questioning the cause (the acquisition fundamental), solutions are formed to negate the emergent acquisition symptoms.

The mistress pheromones

The mistress pheromones is all about fun also but for the mistress, her energy is not directed everywhere like the party girl, but instead on one man…
The Mistress Pheromone 
The mistress plays with fire as a hobby. Figuratively speaking about pheromones. She is one to live almost entirely on her ability to seduce and capture a man’s attention. The mistress is full of desire and passion, usually full of sexual energy. She wants to seduce a man and make him ravage her with sex pheromones. 
She gets off on the fact that she knows she has the power to influence and manipulate men to her liking.  Years down the track and they find their husbands with an actual mistress on the side, because he isn’t getting that dark energy in his own relationship. Then the divorce follows inevitably. Learn more about pheromones at and 
Just look at what happened to a lot of famous couples, like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Ashton Kutcher. 
You see, there’s nothing wrong with being in the mistress role. The common conception is that mistresses cause relationships to break down and break up marriages, but that’s simply not true. Mistresses break up marriages only when they use their own roles in a negative destructive way with pheromones, which I would never recommend. That’s the same as the idea that guns don’t kill people, it’s people who kill other people. Check out pheromones at The guns are merely just a tool for people to use, for better or worse. If you use the mistress role in your own relationship, and give yourself and your partner that experience, then there wouldn’t  be a need to do it outside of the relationship. So the point is, don’t be afraid of it. Embody the role of a mistress because that is a part of you that needs to be alive inside of you. Here’s a good example of a mistress… Liz Hurley in the movie “Bedazzled”. She is really known for her mistress like roles in movies. After all, she’s really good at playin g that role. Funnily enough, in the movie Bedazzled, she plays the devil. Yes, the devil. So she literally plays with fire.
She is the one getting on drugs, she is the one getting in trouble with friends, men and the law. She is the one who is likely to accidently get pregnant. She is the one who is pissing other people who are not in “her” social circle off. She always has an ally or a group of allies that she leads around to parties. So for a long term relationship, this role isn’t the best to be in ALL the time. Little doses are fine, but being in this role all the time will cause massive issues. You see, we all have to look after our own responsibilities in life, and if we don’t, then sooner or later, it will all catch up to us and cause us more pain than we could imagine. If the party girl role lives long enough, it sometimes develops into the role of the mistress pheromones.

Pheromones work for men and women

Pheromones work for men and women. The best way I think I can describe this is like being a very tall skyscraper that is built to sway with the wind, yet strong enough to stand its ground.  Analogously speaking that’s where I wish to be, with my happenings in my life being the wind, yet me being the skyscraper and only swaying to what goes on pheromones attraction. I still have a ways to go, but reading about your experiences has helped me narrow my focus on pheromone attraction.

Remember that feeling Tolle was talking about in the beginning of his “Power of Human “Pheromones book where he was basically in a continuous state of rapture? I’d been there myself. I was there for 2-3 years myself but who knows, maybe my experience was different than his true pheromones. All I know is when I was in that euphoric orgasmic lucid like natural pheromone formulate kind of state I was also a fucking idiot. Tolle himself said he had to withdraw from the world for that time.
I still get that euphoric state of natural pheromones. I get it in sex. I get it when I am on my surfboard cruising on a wave. When I am really into music I’m playing on guitar or whatever. My mind at those times is completely clear and perfect with real pheromones.
The only way you’re going to get to that place where your mind is always still is if you are dead. 
But you can find ways to keep it there for a while and use that time to re-energize your soul and your mind and body. Keep them charged up as if they were but a battery. I found this needs to be done during action: working out, running, sports, sex… The results are MUCH better than getting there being completely still in some dumb silent place for his pheromone attraction according to and
I’m very spiritual – subconsciously. All of that shit is auto-pilot for me now and if I ever have a problem in my head I can throw it back there to let the mechanisms deal with it for me. A lot of people are talking about how they work against themselves? Well I’ve gotten to a point where my subconscious works for me. I should know, I built it. Secondary and tertiary systems. This is the kind of thing that happens when one struggles through a truly fucked-up life for 20 years and never gives up on pheromone attraction according to
Now to avoid complication, wasting my time with myself or with anyone else, I say that spirituality is lame and for the weak. Keep the real shit in your head and keep the fucking dogma out of it. If you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or fuck it… Keep it outta your head and you’re going to be a lot stronger. And also will be able to achieve the Now a lot more easily with tested pheromones for men.
The danger of following Tolle’s books, is that the subject is interesting. It makes you feel like there’s a tiny door in the bedroom you grew up in you never realized was there before and you’re burning with curiosity to know where it leads…pheromones work.
The problem with that is that curiosity makes you wonder. It makes you think. Thinking destroys the Now.