Pheromones work for men and women

Pheromones work for men and women. The best way I think I can describe this is like being a very tall skyscraper that is built to sway with the wind, yet strong enough to stand its ground.  Analogously speaking that’s where I wish to be, with my happenings in my life being the wind, yet me being the skyscraper and only swaying to what goes on pheromones attraction. I still have a ways to go, but reading about your experiences has helped me narrow my focus on pheromone attraction.

Remember that feeling Tolle was talking about in the beginning of his “Power of Human “Pheromones book where he was basically in a continuous state of rapture? I’d been there myself. I was there for 2-3 years myself but who knows, maybe my experience was different than his true pheromones. All I know is when I was in that euphoric orgasmic lucid like natural pheromone formulate kind of state I was also a fucking idiot. Tolle himself said he had to withdraw from the world for that time.
I still get that euphoric state of natural pheromones. I get it in sex. I get it when I am on my surfboard cruising on a wave. When I am really into music I’m playing on guitar or whatever. My mind at those times is completely clear and perfect with real pheromones.
The only way you’re going to get to that place where your mind is always still is if you are dead. 
But you can find ways to keep it there for a while and use that time to re-energize your soul and your mind and body. Keep them charged up as if they were but a battery. I found this needs to be done during action: working out, running, sports, sex… The results are MUCH better than getting there being completely still in some dumb silent place for his pheromone attraction according to and
I’m very spiritual – subconsciously. All of that shit is auto-pilot for me now and if I ever have a problem in my head I can throw it back there to let the mechanisms deal with it for me. A lot of people are talking about how they work against themselves? Well I’ve gotten to a point where my subconscious works for me. I should know, I built it. Secondary and tertiary systems. This is the kind of thing that happens when one struggles through a truly fucked-up life for 20 years and never gives up on pheromone attraction according to
Now to avoid complication, wasting my time with myself or with anyone else, I say that spirituality is lame and for the weak. Keep the real shit in your head and keep the fucking dogma out of it. If you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or fuck it… Keep it outta your head and you’re going to be a lot stronger. And also will be able to achieve the Now a lot more easily with tested pheromones for men.
The danger of following Tolle’s books, is that the subject is interesting. It makes you feel like there’s a tiny door in the bedroom you grew up in you never realized was there before and you’re burning with curiosity to know where it leads…pheromones work.
The problem with that is that curiosity makes you wonder. It makes you think. Thinking destroys the Now.

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