Pheromone For PUA

Many women have been lost in that rabbit hole, only to resurface with nothing to show for it but wasted time. Time they could’ve spent with the right guy. And if you’ve decided that you’ve actually found the right guy this time, you should only sleep with him once you know he’s in love with you, because then you have true power. I’m not talking about waiting for months to hear those three little words. I’m saying that if you use the techniques I’ve taught you in this book, this guy will be so smitten by your charming, spontaneous personality that it will take mere hours for him to be head over heels in love with you with real pheromones. Learn more at and even have a monster weakness for fun, awesome women who make them feel like pickup rock stars. Remember, you’re likely the first woman he’s ever met who has used Ghost-Leading skills on him, and it will leave him with a hit of confidence and attraction so potent he will want to spend more and more time with you. He will want to please you . . . wildly. He will replay the amazing time the two of you had over and over in his head, and he will be convinced that you have unique and special chemistry. He has no idea that you can create this kind of experience for every man you meet. If you hold off on the sex pheromones until he’s had at least a few days of exposure to the wildly awesome woman you are, then he can’t help falling in love . I know men think they are players and won’t easily fall for women, but it’s a lie. We do. I know this because I’ve coached thousands of guys. We have one weakness, and that’s a girl with personality. We will make all sorts of compromises for her. Every woman with amazing Game that I’ve known who simply exposes a guy to it for at least a few dates prior to intimacy makes the guy love her. If you’re dating a guy who’s a true-blue player, then making him wait to have you will knock the player right out of him. WARNING! This system is extremely powerful. As one of my early students testified, “This is like fishing with dynamite or clubbing baby seals. It’s not fair.” I agree, so that’s why I encourage you to make sure you use this system to bring loads of honesty and positivity to every guy you encounter. The whole point of seduction is for him to decide to want to be with you because you’re such an amazingly fun and sexy person. Not because you’re an excellent manipulator. So, how can you tell when a guy is totally smitten and most likely falling in love with you, even if it seems way too soon and he hasn’t yet said the words? 1. He talks about your life, your career, and your personality more than he talks about how hot you are with natural pheromones. Learn more at

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