Las Vegas Pool Service Experts on What Causes Water Evaporation

Las Vegas pool service professionals state that water evaporation is determined by three factors: temperature, exposure and humidity levels.

• Temperature – In the Nevada area, there is a significant contrast between high and low temperature values. In Vegas, day and night temperatures can differ by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. During daytime, the water heats up under the hot sun and evaporates by night, when temperatures suddenly drop. If you turn on the pool light at night after a hot day, you can see a mist rising above the pool. That is water evaporating!
• Exposure – Pools that are constantly exposed to the sun and wind experience higher levels of evaporation. Using a pool cover can reduce the phenomenon. Also, a pool that is surrounded by trees, buildings or a fence will evaporate less than one that is directly exposed to the open sky.
• Humidity Levels – High humidity translates into low evaporation, due to the fact that the air is already holding moisture. The dryer the air, the more moisture it will draw from the surroundings, including your pool.

Las Vegas pool service experts advise on using a pool cover to minimize evaporation, it also helps with the cost of pool services later down the road.

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