article on how pheromones really work

I think he is a bit too harsh with his words / can’t really relate to the harsh picture he is painting in his article on how pheromones really work. Through my personal experience I can relate to the fact you can feel more “manly” when dealing with an insecure woman. Out of fear/ insecurity she will be much more inclined to make compliments etc. essentially comforting your own self-esteem or lack thereof of human sex pheromones. I myself am in a relationship with what I would call a high self-esteem woman. Because my confidence wasn’t really developed when we got together I had my fair share of problems in the year we dated with pheromones for years. There have been some improvements but I’m not really satisfied with myself. So thats something I’m working on. Learn more at question: What is your experience with high self-esteem women who adores human pheromones? Is it just a question of your own confidence (eg. she surrenders/becomes submissive if she perceives you as more confident and secure than her)? I’m asking because especially in sexual context I recognize my desire to be more dominating but she often is resistant to follow. In my opinion it could be either my lacking confidence inhibiting her ability to follow or just a matter of sexual taste (i.e. she really doesn’t like to be submissive). So I’m really interested in your experiences in the matter. Great! However, there aren’t many. I believe society keeps women always looking over their shoulder such as for beauty and image and behavioral conduct. I didn’t have very good self esteem myself in my early days. I was terrible with women and my choices in girlfriends were awful. However, once i gained self confidence, using a lot of the tools here, I started to get annoyed at any LSE girl. In fact, I then only sought out high self esteem women. The way i see it is this: if the only reason she is with you is LSE , then you have a dysfunctional relationshipo. If she one day discovers her self confidence (most women go on an existential journey at some point in their life and it’s only a matter of time), then she could leave. This is not good if you wish to get married However, if you are just looking to bang/quick fling, it might be easier to pick the LSE girl unless you have tons of confidence in which case the HSE girl will be attracted to you like glue. You have to be congruent though…any projection of outward confidence must be mimicked internally. Figure yourself out first kind of thing. I think the article confuses women who have adopted “masculine” confidence with self-confidence. Many women have become jaded and/or there’s some sort of anger and thus “appear to act” confident because they can get away with it. A high self-esteem smart feminine woman is the most attractive thing I know, but it is often very intimidating for most men. Learn more at

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